JAZZ OVERHAUL is a jazz quartet that covers rock songs from the renowned Seattle grunge music scene that gave the world Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. Jazz Overhaul has created arrangements from these classic bands, in addition to other popular music from the past 30 years, and has “overhauled” them to fit into the jazz structure. The group features Cliff Colon on sax, Jake Sele on keys, Osama Afifi on bass, and D’Vonne Lewis on drums. This isn’t your normal jazz quartet. This is a JAZZ OVERHAUL!

NW Alternative Jazz Group of the Year in 2023”

Earshot Jazz



Jazz Overhaul is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Their talent and energy is electric and always a crowd pleaser. We are honored and grateful to host such a fun and engaging group at North City Bistro.”

Liza Park, North City Bistro (Owner)

Jazz Overhaul was a bigger hit than we had even expected. Tickets sold out almost instantly and audience members of all ages were so thrilled to listen to their favorite songs re-interpreted through a jazz lens.”

Liza Pascal, Founder WEAVE Presents

I am writing to express my enthusiastic recommendation for Jazz Overhaul, one of our top five favorite bands collectively. Comprised of some of the finest musicians in the greater Seattle area, Jazz Overhaul consistently delivers outstanding energy, impeccable sound, and professionalism. Having worked with them closely, I can attest to their reliability, easy collaboration, and their unwavering commitment to excellence. They consistently bring their A-game to every performance, making them a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Jazz Overhaul for any event or venue seeking exceptional live music. ”

Craig Baker - Bake's Place (Owner)

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