Cliff Colón shines as a luminary among Pacific Northwest tenor saxophonists, infusing each note with raw emotion. Over two decades, he's become a leader in Seattle's music scene, captivating audiences with innovative solos. Rooted in Tacoma, Washington, his journey blends jazz, gospel, soul, R&B, and funk. Today, Colón excels as a versatile musician, leading projects like Jazz Overhaul and collaborating with top local bands across genres. His harmonious collaborations extend to renowned vocalists and private party bands in the Northwest. Cliff Colón's evolving musical journey reflects diverse influences and an unwavering commitment to his craft.



Jake Sele is a standout keyboardist based in Seattle, known for his exceptional versatility across genres including jazz, funk, classical, Latin, and more. A Cornish School of the Arts graduate, Jake is skilled in piano, keyboards, synthesizers, and the Hammond B3 organ. Jake performs extensively in clubs, high-profile concerts, and studio sessions, including collaborations with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall. Renowned for his high energy and captivating performances, Jake Sele has earned acclaim from musicians and audiences alike. In his early 30s, Jake continues to impress with his passion and musical prowess.



Osama Afifi, a professional bassist since 1983, embodies exceptional talent and versatility. Originally from Los Angeles, he honed his skills at the Dick Grove School of Music under mentors Jeff Berlin and Gary Willis. Based in Tacoma since 2005, Osama has toured internationally with French artist Vanessa Paradis and the B Sharp Jazz Quartet, captivating audiences across Europe. He collaborates with prominent groups like Jazz Overhaul, Tacoma Symphony, Judy Collins, and Kareem Kandi Quartet. Osama's compositions featured on notable recordings showcase his musical depth. Additionally, Osama has played and toured with renowned instrumental pop icon Yanni. As a first-call bass player in the Seattle area, Osama's infectious energy and positive stage demeanor resonate throughout the Pacific Northwest music scene.



D'Vonne Lewis, four-time Earshot Jazz "NW Instrumentalist of the Year" winner, boasts a rich musical heritage as the grandson of Northwest organ legend Dave Lewis. Graduating with honors from Seattle’s Roosevelt High School, he earned acclaim as the Essentially Ellington Drum soloist from 2000 to 2002. Based in Seattle, Lewis transcends genres, captivating audiences with versatile drumming spanning jazz, big band, funk, hip-hop, rock, Brazilian, and African styles.

Lewis is a first-call drummer in the Seattle area, performing with multiple bands including 'D’Vonne Lewis' LIMITED EDITION' and Northwest D'Lux. He has shared the stage with global icons like Macklemore, Wynton Marsalis, and Maria Schneider. Honored with the 2006 Earshot Golden Ear Award and the 2014 Stranger Magazine 'Genius' award, Lewis, a Seattle Jazz Fellowship Board member, is poised to elevate international stages with his unmatched talent and diverse musical prowess.